FX-2030 (Latest programversion 11.50.41/12.20.39)


Out of production. replacement product is Fx-2030A. 

Fx2030 controller replaces the older Fx2025A and consists (among other things) the next changes:

1. FX-2025A operating voltage is broader 12 - 24VDC (±10%), 750mA
2. Demands at least the programversion 11.00.01 in order to work
3. One ethernet port instead of two
4. External monitor connector type is now DVI-D, previously VGA
5. Automatic database save in case of an power cut
6. Database is saved to compact memory, previously on a memory card
7. Detachable memory card type is now uSD
Automatic timed backup to an uSD-card
Motherboard is more efficient

Latest programversions

Updated: 14.12.2023