FX-3000-C + FX-SPIDER-REV4 12.30.10

Controller software version

Latest program versions


 -Tosibox readiness

- Not 100% compatible with Fx2030A and older browser operating systems

Notice: If there is already Fx2030A and older controllers in use in location, it is recommended to use not more than 12.20.x versions in Fx-3000-C, so that from the controllers' local touch screens one can still transfer between the old and new ones, like before.

The suitable version for the location for different controller versions can be checked here. 
Controller software is not recommended to be updated if there is no particular reason to do so !


Swedish translation modified

Overall improvements to the Swedish translation.

Decreased writing to board to increase the life-span of the controller

WriteFileF function writes first to RAM before writing onto the board.

Saving to the board also happens in case a reboot happens at the controller, voltage disappears or the controller is stopped.