FX-Contoller remote connection

FX-substation remote connection options for technical support access

For assistance in remote connection and/or programming FX-series substations, please contact us directly (support@fidelix.fi).

Basically, to get a suitable remote connection you have 3 main options:

1. VPN service. Direct to FX-3000-C controller with 4G-dongle and Tosibox rediness service.

2. VPN device or server access directly to the FX-substation. Yo may use both hardware VPN routers like Tosibox (www.tosibox.com),  Netgear, Linksys and so on.

3. Direct LAN (Ethernet) connection between FX-Series substation and your local Internet router/switch device. You may need to set FX-substation's local IP address to comply with router/switch IP network rules.

In this case you need to have public Internet IP dedicated to FX-substation, so we may communicate with it over the Internet.

Please provide with your local router (provider) settings to receive a guide how to set up the FX-substation or public IP address to connect to.

4. Connection through the  local PC. In this case a PC with LAN and WLAN (WiFi) adapters required. You need to establish a LAN connection between your PC and FX-substation by setting PC LAN adapter's IP address to, default gateway IP to, subnetwork mask to

Then you need to check if browser opens FX-substation's web pages. FX-substation's default IP address is

Then you need to establish an Internet connection on your PC using WLAN adapter.

After that you may need remote desktop application running (Teamviewer, Windows Remote Desktop, AnyDesk) to let our Technical support specialists connect to your PC and FX-Substation.