Tools program

1. install OpenPCS (installation OpenPCS)
2. install FX-Editor_v1.8.0.0_Installer
3. install FX-Editor_v1.8.6.1_Update
1. install OpenPCS
2. install FX-Editor_v2.x.x.x_Setup
3. install FX-Editor_v2.x.x.x_Update

Version history

FX-Editor license activation and updating (FX-Editor version 2)

  1. Open FX-Editor 2.x.x.x

  2. On the startup window, click "License" in the "License / Help" section

  3. Click ”New”, or "Edit & Renew", and fill out the required information

  4. Click the "Renew license" button and follow the steps:
    - either send the email straight from FX-Editor using the "Default Email application" button
    - or click "Text file" and then manually copy the information and email it to support@fidelix.com

  5. You will receive a license by email. Save the file, open FX-Editor and in step 3 click "Load license", and locate your .lic file. This activates your copy of FX-Editor.

FX-Editor latest version are here
FX-Editor Template latest version are here
OpenPCS latest version are here

Edited 10.11.2023