FX-Spider (FX2025) screen resolution change - picture out of the screen

FX-Spider (FX2025) can change screen resolution when RTC battery discharges. Black screen edges appears as a result


  1. Open CPU metal backpanel
  2. Uscrew and remove motherboard holding screws
  3. Remove memory card
  4. Connect PS2 keyboard  to Spider CPU and VGA display if possible
  5.  Connect 24VDC power to Spider CPU, press and hold "Delete" button at the same time. Wait until BIOS welcome screen appears
  6. Select "Advanced Chipset Features" and press Enter
  7.  Select "Flat Panel Configuration" and press Enter
  8. Select  "resolution" by pressing Enter and select correct resolution as 640x480a
  9. Press F10 and Enter to save changes
  10. Collect and mount Spider CPU