alarm forwarding by SMS message

How to set and test SMS GSM modem alarm forwarding

1. Place a new SIMcard into a normal mobile and make sure it doesn't request for a PIN code.

2. Try to send an SMS message from the mobile to the alarm number.

3. If everything works OK, install the SIMcard to the GSM modem and wait until the LED light is green and orange blinks every 2 seconds.

NOTICE! Rebooting the controller may be necessary.

4. Check is the signal intensity > 1..31 ("Signaalin voimakkuus") in the controller's GSM modeemi part (found in Asetukset > Järj.tiedot)

5. Make sure that in Ohjelmointi > Hälytyslaitteet the recipient's numbers are correct on equivalent devices.

Different operators use different numbers. It is preferable to input it in the same format as in text transmission.

6. Try to activate the alarm of an equivalent group so the controller sends a message. The status of the message can be viewed on Hälytykset > Lokit > SMS page.

7. Mobile receives an SMS message like this: