Alarm point is in "Limited" mode?

Alarm point is in "Limited" mode

Alarm point limitation:

If the alarm point went on/off 3 times during 10min, being in AUTO or PROGRAM lockstate mode, the alarm point goes into "Limited" mode. In this case, the alarm will not switch off and it is an indication that there is something strange happens in the system (IEC is working incorrect, the contacts closing/opening too often) if this status is displayed.

"Limited" mode disables when:

1. 10 minutes have elapsed since the first identification of the restriction.
2. If the alarm point still switches the mode off-> on when the restricted mode has disappeared as mentioned in the previous section, the restricted mode will remain on for a longer time (3h 20min). The same roller coaster can start again
3. Exits at startall / reboot
4. The alarm is acknowledged, but only once and it follows the logic of step 2, once it can be acknowledged so that it helps but then the restricted mode remains on.