FX-connection tool devices modify

Guide on how you can modify details or connections for devices used in Fidelix FX-connection tool.

First open FX-connection from FX-editor.


Then from FX-connection open "Tools" menu and choose the option "Open device database".


The list that opens, shows all of the devices currently added in to FX-connection. To modify a device scroll the list until you find the device you wish to modify and click on it.

At the bottom of the list is the "Product specifications" window. Here you can change details abut the device.


  1. Change the default cable to be used with the device.
  2. Change supply voltage if needed for the device.
  3. Change optional wattage info for the device if known. 


To change connection information for the device you need to modify the "Socket" for the connection you want to modify.

In this list of sockets you have a row for each connection point created for the device.

If you want to change the wire used for a connection point, you need to change the "Socket number" of the row.

For example in Nomak 2x2x0.5+0.5 cable the sockets 1-4 refer to wires as follows.

Socket number 1 = 1 orange.

Socket number 2 = 1 white.

Socket number 3 = 2 orange.

Socket number 4 = 2 white.

  1. Double click on the socket number of the row you want to modify and input the socket number of the corresponding wire that you want to use for that connection point and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  2. The "Wire description" field shows the selected wire. This is automatically chosen based on the chosen cable type and socket number.


You can modify more details about the device on the "Advanced" menu page.

  1. Modify what information for the device will be visible in generated Excel files.
  2. Change the category of the device. Is the device an internal component of the substation, a field device or some other type of device.
  3. Change supplier/manufacturer of the device. If the manufacturer isn't on the list, you can add a supplier, by clicking on the "Add supplier..." text below the option field. This opens a dialog box, where you write the name of the supplier and an optional description for the supplier, then click the "Add" button.
  4. Change product type that best describes the device. Product types can also be added the same way as suppliers.
  5. Alter the optional description for the device.


The device has now been modified in the database and the next time you use it, the new settings will be used.