FxEditor installation, updating and backup

Installations of FxEditor and FX-programs

Below instructions for software

  • Backup and restore
  • Updating
  • Reinstallation
  • New installation

Backup and restore:

The common Backgroung files used by FxEditor are located in the Program data. These are files common to all projects, and are used e.g. when creating a new project. 


  1. Open FxEditor -> File -> Explore programdata (in older versions named "FxEditor Data")
  2. Copy the contents of the folder and paste it to the location of Your backup.

This backup (copied files) You can restore to the computer of You need to after installing the program.


On the computer You want to restore the backup to:

  1. Open FxEditor -> File -> Explore programdata (in older versions named "FxEditor Data")
  2. Attach the files here from a backup You took earlier.


Download the latest FxEditor - Updater installation, installation manual and programs from here


Copy the background data when needed if you want to restore e.g filters, symlib etc. for reinstallation.

  1. FxEditor -> File -> Explore FxEditor data (C:\ProgramData\FX-Editor). Kopioi haluamasi kansiot.
  2. Delete the current installation in Windows (win10) 
    Settings -> Applications and Features -> FxEditor -> Uninstall
  3. Follow the instructions in the "New installation" section below to install the software.
  4. Paste the data you backed up into the FxEditor background data
    File -> Explore

New installation:

NOTE! First install the OpenPCS software. Installation instructions and programs are here

Download the necessary installation packages. Installation instructions and programs are here

  1. OpenPCS software and driver (instructions are here)
  2. FxEditor - Installer newest version
  3. In addition FxEditor - Updater, if newer than installer
  4. FxConnectionTool - Newest version here

NOTE! Perform all installations with administrator privileges

  1. FxEditor installer. (Any updaters will be installed after activating the license!)
    NOTE! Choose the language version according to the working language you are using! The interface of the program is in English. The choice if language affects for example to the status texts installed by the program.
  2. FxConnectionTool

  3. License activation (+FxEditor license renewal and upgrade): Open FxEditor and open from the top menu "help" -> "license" -> "new" fill in the information and press "ok". Copy the information as text and send it by email to support@fidelix.fi

  4. You'll receive a license file in response by email Save the file to your computer and open FxEditor -> "help" -> "license" -> "software" and search the license file you saved. The program is now activated 

  5. Install any FxEditor updaters.