OpenPCS doesn't create the .M24IEC file anymore

It can happen that OpenPCS from version 7.3 upwards doesn't generate the resource_name.M24IEC file anymore which is needed for remote uploading of the software to the multi-24 PLC module. Here is how to fix that.

From version 7.3.0 onwards, InfoTeam uses a new tool to generate the installer, which no longer includes the required drivers for generation of third-party compiled files in OpenPCS automatically. This means we need to install these drivers ourselves:

- download the driver here

- unpack the .cab file from the downloaded .zip file

- start OpenPCS

- go to  Extras > Tools > Driver Install…

- select the path where you cab file is stored (1)

- select the .cab file in the table (2)

- click "Install" (3)     


- restart OpenPCS

- now, the .M24IEC file will be generated inside your OpenPCS project folder with the resource name you have given in the “Resources” tab.