FX controller user accounts reset

Controller user data may be deleted in order to revert default values.

When user account information has been lost or in case of unauthorized access, it may be needed to reset/change this data.


After this operation, all user account names, passwords, user rights and related settings in FX substation will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: User account reset does not apply to FTP / Telnet password

You must know the FTP / Telnet username and password in order to make changes.

To make changes you need to connect your PC over Ethernet to the FX substation over Telnet protocol. You may use standard Windows command line tool with activated Telnet protocol.

You may use third party software like PuTTY.

You need to prepare an FTP client sofware (like FileZilla) in order to connect to the FX substation overFTP protocol.

When connected to FX substation over Telnet:

  1. Stop substation by entering command stopall
  2. Wait until all programs stopped 

3. Connect to the substation over FTP protocol

 4. Go to the folder \HDisk\Fidelix\Data\ and delete files UserData.dat, UserData.bak and, if exists, UserData.dat2

Those files contain all user accounts information.

5. Start all FX substation programs using Telnet connection: startall 

Wait until all programs have been started.

6. Now all old user account information has been deleted and only default user account with default password is active.