Genius shows -50.0 °C outdoor temperature from Modbus register

When FX substation sends the outdoor temperature value by Modbus, Genius shows wrong value and rise an alarm.

Genius controller may receive outdoor temperture value from locally connected NTC10 sensor (AI1 -> M1-G0), alternatively it can receive value from FX substation in Modbus Holding register 32. In this case, default value of Holding Register #31 shall be changed to 1 (Bus received value).

Comment Min Limit Max Limit Factory Default ModbusReg Reg Scaling PointUnit

Point Access

Outside temperature -50.0 150.0 0.0 31 10 °C ReadWrite
Outside temperature, control method (0=auto, 1=manual / from bus) 0 1 0 32 1   ReadWrite

In some cases, e.g. when Holding Register #31 has been set to 1, but Holding Register #32 has value outside the limits (sensor error or similar), Genius rise an alarm "Outdoor Temperature Alarm" and stops accepting correct values from Modbus register 32.

Possible solution:

  1. Check that FX substation outdoor temperature point value (and connected Holding Register #32 value) is inside limits.
  2. Set the Modbus Holding Register #31 to value 0 (Auto)
  3. Connect physical resistor >1 kOhm (e.g. NTC10 sensor) between Genius connectors M1 and G0
  4. Acknowledge the "Outdoor Temperature Alarm"
  5. Set the Modbus Register #31 to value 1 (manual/from bus)
  6. Make sure that Genius shows the correct value from FX substation's Holding Register #32
  7. Disconnect the resistor (NTC10 sensor) from M1 - G0 connectors.

Alternatively, update to version 2.11 may help to solve the same problem.