The different versions of our multiLINK

The multiLINK has many different versions, characteristics, and possibilities. Here an overview of what exists

The multiLINK communication module has a base version, upon which several extensions can be activated or installed:

  • The base version always has following properties:
    • 1 serial port for Modbus RTU over RS485 communication
    • 1 LAN port
    • the possibility to consult and change parameters & settings of the network port, as well as the serial port(s) on the embedded HTML-pages.
  • There are two extension slots onto which extension cards can be installed.
    Currently, we have 2 different extension cards available:
    • a Modbus extension card
    • an M-Bus extension card
  • The multiLINK can be equipped with what we call WEB-properties. These WEB-properties  mean 3 things:
    • independent polling of slaves (so no external master needed per se)
    • Modbus TCP capabilities
    • freely customisable web pages (HTML)
    The WEB-properties can only be activated in our production facility in Finland. 
  • Lastly, the multiLINK can be equipped with POE (Power Over Ethernet) capabilities. This is a physical add-on to the PCB.

An overview of all different available versions:

Product code




Extension slot 1

Extension slot 2





MLINK x            
MLINK-R1 x     x      
MLINK-R2 x     x   x  
MLINK-R1-M1 x     x     x
MLINK-M1 x       x    
MLINK-M2 x       x   x
MLINK-POE x   x        
MLINK-R1-P x   x x      
MLINK-R2-P x   x x   x  
MLINK-R1-M1-P x   x x     x
MLINK-M1-P x   x   x    
MLINK-M2-P x   x   x   x
MLINK-W x x          
MLINK-W-R1 x x   x      
MLINK-W-R2 x x   x   x  
MLINK-W-R1-M1 x x   x     x
MLINK-W-M1 x x     x    
MLINK-W-M2 x x     x   x
MLINK-W-P x x x        
MLINK-W-R1-P x x x x      
MLINK-W-R2-P x x x x   x  
MLINK-W-R1-M1-P x x x x     x
MLINK-W-M1-P x x x   x    
MLINK-W-M2-P x x x   x   x