alarm forwarding by email

Substation can forward alarms using local Internet connection by email.

Fidelix substation may be configured to send alarms of the certain group by e-mail.

Emails are sent via the SMTP service.

The forwarding of an alert via e-mail works as follows:

If you have a Tosibox Readiness or "internal Tosibox", emails can be sent via a 4G modem:

Otherwise, you should set the "Internet connection" to WAN or LAN, depending on where the connection is.

2. Then you need to set the "Email" settings depending on your Internet operator (may be one of them)

NOTE: Operators often require that the sender's s-mail address is valid, you can use (do not use .fi or .com)

Outgoing server:
Unencrypted port: 25

SMTP (when using DNA mobile broadband or telephone connection)
Outgoing server:
Unencrypted port: 25

NOTE!  please contact your internet connection provider for outgoing mail server details.

3. Then you should set the right email to send to the corresponding alarm device: