Alarm forwarding by other fx controller sms modem

Alarm from VAK2 to VAK1 and forward with a text message.

It is most relevant to use the same alarm category in the sending and receiving controller, like in this example:

1. VAK2 - Settings - EMail
A created E-mail server VAK1_GSM with the IP address of VAK1, has to be checked off.

2. VAK2 - Programming - Alarm devices
To the VAK1_GSM alarm device has been set an individualized VAK2 address and VAK1_GSM as the server. Notice: same names can be used but it is not a must.

3. VAK2 - Programming - Alarmgroups
Alarmgroup TURVAHALYTYS connected to alarm device VAK1_GSM

4. VAK2 - Programming - Alarms
Alarm point connected to an alarmgroup called TURVAHÄLYTYS

5. VAK1 - Settings - Ports

Modemport speed set to match the chosen modem

6. VAK1 - Settings - System information
Modem signal is between 1-31 (here 0, not OK)

7. VAK1 - Settings - SMS settings
If needed, set a prefix to SMS alarms, e.g DEMO-

8. VAK1 - Programming - Alarmdevices
Created an SMS-device HUOLTOMIES_247 with the number 0500123451

9. VAK1 - Programming - Alarmgroups
Programmed an alarmgroup with the name TURVAHÄLYTYS in VAK2. Notice: the name has to be same in VAK1 and in VAK2!

10. VAK1 Alarms - SMS-log
Create an alarm and check its functionality from the log after a while