Fx2020 controller change to newer controller

com2 -> com3 change, Fx2020 uses com2, newer controllers use com3

på engelska:

A. Take a backup
B. Do the work
C. Take a backup

-Download target's data from Fx2020 memory card:
   data and www (and codeindex IEC or OpenPCS, if there is) and make a backup zip.
(-save the backup for example to a Fidelix backup server or send to support@fidelix.fi)
If there was an older database than v9.20.07 in Fx2020, do this step:

-Take the backup zip apart to a computer and send the data+www information to Fx2025 to 09.20.07. (if you don't have a Fx2020 or Fx2025 controller, we can translate the database ourselves)

-Copy the data+www folders of v9.20.07 to the wanted device to a wanted version, e.g v11.50.41

-Change com2 definitions to com3 definitions in point database by following the next instructions:

​​​​​- open windows command prompt (CMD)

- open a telnet connection to controller (TELNET

- give the command importpoints savexml points

- PointDat.xml file, which keeps inside the point database in XML format, will appear to the controller's Data folder

- read PointDat.xml from controller to computer

- open the file with a text editor (like notepad.exe)

- replace all <IPort>2</IPort> text with <IPort>3</IPort>

- save the file and transfer it back to the data folder of the controller

- give a telnet command importpoints loadxml points

- Change the IEC-codes' hardcoded port2 definitions to port3 definitions if there has been done any !

- Check that everything is working OK.
- Now you can use the database also in Fx2025 and newer controllers, in every version.

- Check that everything is working OK.

- Create a backup zip, save it for example to a Fidelix backup server or send to support@fidelix.fi