GENIUS (Latest programversion 2.12)

Genius district heating control centre

District heating controller
You can order the Genius district heating controller with several different additional features, such as a room display with a touch screen, SMS alarms and remote control access via internet.


Genius Fidelix Genius is a new control device for district heating. The controller is operated via a graphical touch screen, with clear graphic images that make operation efficient and easy.

Genius is very quick and easy to install in both renovation and new build projects. It allows heating to be optimised for precise and maximum energy efficiency.

In addition to local control, a multiLINK remote access unit is available for remote operation via a web browser. It is also possible to directly connect a GSM modem to the Genius to transmit alarm information via SMS.

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Downloadable documents:
Genius wiring diagram 2-circuit large house control centre [ pdf ]

Genius wiring diagram 2-circuit small house control centre [ pdf ]

Genius wiring diagram for 3-circuit large house control centre  [ pdf ]
Genius wiring diagram for 3-circuit small house control centre [ pdf ]

GeniLink User Manual v1 [ pdf ]

Genius points to Fx-Controller interface example [ zip ]

-Genius User Manual (pdf) FIN versiot :  ver1.11 FI , ver1.98 FI , ver2.10 , ver2.12
-Genius User Manual (pdf) SWE version:  ver1.98 SE , ver2.10 SE  , ver2.12
-Genius User Manual (pdf) ENG version:  ver1.98 EN , ver2.10 EN  , ver2.12