multiDISPLAY programming introduction

A brief overview of how to program our FX-RP (room panel) multiDISPLAY

Our multiDISPLAY (FX-RP-A, B, or C) is a 3.5" touch screen room panel Modbus display that is 100% freely programmable.


It can be used as Modbus client (formerly slave, this is the standard way), or as Modbus server (formerly master).

Freely programmable means that you control every pixel of the graphics that are being shown on the multiDISPLAY. You can add as many pages as you like, use links, passwords, symbols or images from your own library (or you can use ours), show a short measurement history, dim the display, force alarm pages, trigger sounds, ...

Watch this video (8 mns on Youtube) to learn the basics and how to set up the programming software, or watch this video (4 mns Youtube) to get a brief introduction of the graphics editing tool.

Download links: