Sensor table examples / Conversion tables

Link to downloads page, where you can find ready values to create conversion tables for common sensors.

There are ready examples of sensor tables available from Fidelix downloads page.

Link to the page with the tables in PDF form: Here

Links to conversion tables:
AD590 | BALCO500 | NTC10_INU | NTC10 | NTC12 | NTC15 | NTC18 | NTC18-TAC | NTC20 | OUMAN-PTE-LUX | PRODUAL- LUX11 | PT100 | PT1000 | PTC1000 | PTC2000-STENFORS-TEV | PTC2000 | STAEFA-T1

Links to articles on how you can create these conversion tables in FX-Editor and Fidelix CPU.

in FX-Editor | in CPU

Updated: 14.3.2023
Updated: 29.8.2023 / JT