BACnet impact on the operation of the time schedule

Default value of the point comes active with "BACnet server object"-selection

Appearance: Time schedule goes off at midnight.

In the time schedules point-programming, there is option called "Follow type after day changes".

Normal points:
With the "normal" points, by the default, that setting is "last value". That makes the time schedule "continue" with the same value, over the day change at midnight.

Example of setting, when time schedule continues over the midnight, with the last value.

BACnet points:
When the time schedule-point have been configured to "BACnet server object", that makes changes to "Follow type after day changes"-parameter. With BACnet, the setting will be always "Default value". That causes usually time schedule to change value by midnight.

That "Default value" feature have to be noticed, while setting time schedules.

Time schedule have been set to go on at 23:59. The time schedule is "BACnet server object", so the day change setting is always "Default value". So, the time schedule drives the point value to "default value", which is "Off" in this case. So, the time schedule goes Off at every midnight.
Time schedule:

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